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The Little Green Sucker!

Only $84.99

Great for interior trim.

It will allow one person to "walk" crown molding into final position, hold it in place, release easily when making final adjustments, but most importantly gives you somthing to pull your measuring tape off of when measuring those inside/inside, inside/outside corners. Powerful magnets on the corners of each unit help keep the tape measure from flying off.


Each Little Green Sucker has a small device called a venturi that produces a powerful vacuum as air passesthru it. Consuming less then 1 scfm per unit at 40 plus psi, two units can easily be operated off one air compressor. The air is then exhausted out a port on the face of each unit. To release LGS, simply put your finger over the exhaust port, back pressure will release it into your hand.

For installing siding we have added a fence. Once adjusted for the correct spacing of the siding, LGS can be repositioned quickly and easily, aligning itself for the next piece of siding which is placed on its upper surface. Each unit is capable of supporting up to 25 pounds of weight.

LGS has a one year warranty against any manufacturer defects. New cases are available with new seals attached for 20 dollars. This allows the owner to rebuild his/her LGS should they get damaged.


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